• Facilities


    Visitor Facilities Butatong Base Camp in Okwangwo Division has facilities like trails, herbarium & botanic gardens, etc. A visitor can patiently take a tasking walk into the rainforest, or spend time...

  • Obudu Cattle Ranch


    ECOTOURISM ATTRACTIONS Wilderness experience: A trip to the Park is primarily important for exploring one of the oldest rainforest in the world. The dense canopy, the tree trunks with their huge buttresses,...

  • Okwango Division

    Head Office

    The ultimate viability and popularity of ecotourism in this Park lies in the gradual development of the Kayang Tourist village. This will further enhance the exploitation of the unlimited ecotourism resources...

  • About Us

    About Us

    Faunal Resources The Park is potentially rich in faunal resources and contained about 78% of the primate species recorded in Nigeria, many of which are endemic. Notable among these are the critically enda,...

  • Face of Drill


    Location and Size: Cross River National Park is located between Latitude 5o 05’ and 6o 29’ N, and Longitudes 8o 15’ and 9o 30’ E, in the extreme south-eastern corner of Nigeria, in Cross River...


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