Obudu Cattle Ranch

Obudu Cattle Ranch

Wilderness experience:
A trip to the Park is primarily important for exploring one of the oldest rainforest in the world. The dense canopy, the tree trunks with their huge buttresses, the coolness of the environment, the freshness of the air and the sweet songs of the forest can never fail to lift even the most casual visitor into that tranquil realm of the soul. The 12km Erokut jeep track and nature foot trails at Erokut – Akamkpa have bee specially developed for this experience.

Gorilla tracking:

Of the many animal life forms in the Park, the most important is the Cross River Gorilla a sub species that is endemic to the Park in all of West Africa. Those wishing to track down the gorilla must be prepared however to camp in the Park for a minimum of one week at least.

Game viewing: Visitors to the Park may be lucky to view animals while on a visit to the Bashu salt lick in Okwangwo Division or Mfameyin salt lick in the Oban Sector of the Park or Erukot Gate near the Park Head Office, Akamkpa.

Mountaineering/Hiking: Active tourist can dare the Mbe Mountains by climbing to the summit or they can make the long haul trekking/climbing from Butatong through Balegete to the summit of Obudu Plateau.

Bird watching: The montane grassland and relic forests of the Obudu Plateau offer opportunity for bird watching. There are over 200 species on the plateau.

Botanic garden and Herbarium: The well laid out botanic garden and herbarium in Butatong are open nature classrooms, which offer opportunity for environmental education and biological research. Important species, which will be noticed in the garden are Anceistocladius Korupensis and Prunus africana.

German fort: This place was once part of the German colony before the Allied Forces ran it over during the Second World War.

Sport Fishing: Visitors can also go on sport fishing in the Park.

Boat cruise: Tourists can cruise on the Cross River in the Park’s Motor boat.



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