Kiri Waterfall (Toungo)

Kiri Waterfall (Toungo)

Gashaka-Gumti has ideal spots for sport-fishing, one of which is at Mayo Kam near the Hippo-pool. In the dry season the water is crystal clear and one can easily see different varieties ranging from Tiger, Cat fish, Nile perch ,Tilapia fish gliding in the water.


Gashaka Sector of the Park has rugged undulating mountain terrains, excellent for mountaineering and cave exploration. It contains the highest mountain summit in Nigeria the “Chappal Waddi”, which literally means “ the mountain of death” standing at an altitude of 2,400 meters’ above sea level. It is located in the Gotel mountain range. It is characterized by steep, forested slopes, deep plunging valleys, precipitous escarpments and swift flowing rivers, streams, hot springs, deep valleys, and waterfalls.


Forests in Chappal Waddi, Chappal Hendu, Chappal Yumti, Chappal sirgu and Kwano forest are good primate strongholds. One is sure to sight chimpanzees here or at least hear their calls or see their nests.


Gashaka-Gumti National Park , wild and scenic areas are accessible only by footpath and only by trekking can one savor the tranquility through the forest canopy ,rare fauna, crystal clear forest streams, waterfalls and picturesque mountain views.

It has about 500km of road network and several Ranger posts at strategic locations to facilitate effective visitor reception and Park protection.


The Park has museums of Natural History located at Bodel Head Office Serti and Toungo Range office. Exhibits include wildlife specimens, fishing gears, old hunting equipment ,carved footprints of some animal species etc. These specimens are representative of the abundant fauna resources the Park harbours.


i. Hippo pool located at Mayo Kam in Gashaka sector.

ii. Bat forest located in Gashaka sector (upper Dou mayo)

iii. The German fort (in Gashaka sector)

iv. Sangurditi sanctuary (stone of money)

v. Matashirip saltlick ( Gashaka sector)

vi. Kiri waterfalls (Toungo sector)

vii. Kwano forest sanctuary (Gashaka sector)

viii. Zantil historical hill.

ix. Mashaya zafi hotspring/saltlick.

x.Chappal Waddi , the highest peak in Nigeria (2,400 msl)