Park Parachute

Park Parachute

Cultural features.

Kali Hills, with its numerous shrines and Oli River where the water goddess of that land resides are irresistible tourists attractions with religious therapeutic conations. Every year, people visit the Park to offer sacrifices to the water goddess for good fortunes and bounty harvests, cure of barrenness and for the cleansing of individuals of parental and ancestral curses.


While at the Kob Amusement Centre in Wawa, visitors/tourists are welcome to the modern park museum where fascinating wildlife trophies and traditional gear/costumes, African cultural artifacts are displayed to show the rich cultural heritage of Nigeria.

Visitor Facilities.
Borgu sector is more developed in terms of visitor facilities and activities than Zugurma. For visitors’ convenience, Oli River Tourist camp in Borgu is connected to the national Electricity Grid. There is steady supply of water equally. The camp has 38 relatively furnished chalets of various categories (VIP, Double, Studio, etc), a medium size conference hall, health clinic, a swimming pool (Where visitors can relax and have refreshing swim park viewing or conferences. The Oli Camp hippo activity centre has an outdoor Bar, Children’s recreation facility and beach ball field.

The tourist camp at Wawa and Ibbi are Amusement Centre with limited accommodation facility, a restaurant and bar, children playground, natural history museum indoor game facilities and discotheque hall that have been moderately developed and made attractive.

One of the watch/Observation towers strategically located in the park

One of the watch/Observation towers strategically
located in the park

Park Viewing.

As the ecotourism flagship park of the Nation the Park offers lots of variety of holiday activities and is open all year round for most activities. Park viewing is best in December-June for clear visibility and accessibility to cultural sites such as Kali Hills and shrine. Visitors are required to book for entry and make reservation for accommodation at Wawa or Ibbi Offices.

Lake Cruise.

A 30-seater water bus and boats are provided for tourists who wish to take a lake adventure. One will have the opportunity of viewing migratory birds and reptile species as well as visit the historical site of Old Bussa. There is also the site where Mango Park, a British Explorer, died while exploring River Niger in 1806.

Umaru Hassan Conference Hall

Located in oli Camp- KLNP ,It is ideal for private and Cooperate organization’s conferencing, meetings, workshops, seminars, trainings and other social events.

Sport Fishing

Organised and controlled sport fishing with specified gears are available in the Park for interested tourists.

Hippo Pools

Oli river ,the park’s major natural drainage has its origin from Benin republic passing through the Park and empty’s at the River Niger (Kainji Dam).The river breaks into pools during dry season(June-December 2012) and within the park the pools at kilometers(kms) 3,5,8 and 25 from Oli camp are sites for sighting hippopotamus and other aquatic animals.

Roofed walk way and Watch/Observation Tower are constructed at Kms 8 and 25 respectively while the rest are left natural for development in future.


Stratiegically located within the park for research and viewing of specific games that come around for either water or salt lick.


The Park is endowed with a number of beautiful sites that are of diversed values to the Support Zone Communities,Students, Reseachers and Tourists. Borgu Kingdom is home to the following tourist attractions:

Night sight of the HIPPO Recreational/activity Center Oli Camp

Night sight of the HIPPO Recreational/activity Center Oli Camp

  • Kalli Shrines (Located in the Park)
  • Ukuba, Jakana and Kalli Hills
  • Kainji Dam and hyropower station (Nigeria’s first and largest Hydro power station)
  • Ruins of Old Bussa
  • Spot of Mango Park’s Death
  • Foge Island(reputedly Northern Nigerian’s lagest Island)
  • Wawa Maot
  • Shagunu Beach –Located at the widest point of Kainji Lake.
  • Pissa and kabe Caves
  • Ancient Konkoso iron-working site
  • Kainji Lake (which is 136 km long and 24 km wide)
  • Lion cave (in Zugurma sector in the park)
  • Giyaye Pool
  • Swashi Dam and Irregation scheme
  • Gani Festival-The festival is a celebration of the rich cultural heritage of Borgu People with in Nigeria and the dispora.It is a series of cultural and traditional sporting events including Durbar(Nothern Carnival),Regatta,traditional wrestling and Agricutural show.