• Facilities


    PARK ENTRY GATE The Park Entry Gate located at Iguowan is the main entry point to the Park. This is where visitors make their registration and have first hand information on the Park. The Entry gate provides...

  • Attractions


    TREE HOUSE The two tree houses (Old and New) the old tree house built on a 140 feet Silk Cotton tree, while the new tree house with 110 feet height also has 30 meters walkway. Both tree houses were to...

  • Head Office

    Head Office

    Okomu National Park “The pride of our natural heritage” is the smallest of the seven National Parks in Nigeria. The Park is a rainforest ecosystem gazetted from the former Okomu Forest reserve in 1935....

  • About Us

    About Us

    VISION To develop Okomu National Park that will not only meet the hopes and aspiration of Nigerians but can favourably compare with any National Park in the world in preserving, protecting and conserving...

  • Introduction


    TOPOGRAGPHY AND DRAINAGE The topography of the Park is gentle, ranging from 30m and 60m above sea level; several areas have no noticeable slope. The area is well drained by the Okomu River and a few of...


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